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Local Channels for Puerto Rico

As an authorized DISH retailer New Generation Satellite Communications can help you find the right satellite TV programming package at the right price. Local channels from DISH are included in our top English and Latino programming packages. Call New Generation Satellite Communications at 888-958-1231 to find out if your area qualifies for local channels from DISH Network.

Station Local Channel Number
Puerto Rico - ABC (WORA2) 20
Puerto Rico - CBS (WSEEP) 8
Puerto Rico - CW (WSJP) 17
Puerto Rico - FOX (WSJX) 24
Puerto Rico - IND (OCTV) 69
Puerto Rico - IND (WAPA) 4
Puerto Rico - IND (WAPA2) 27
Puerto Rico - IND (WCCV) 54
Puerto Rico - IND (WIPR) 6
Puerto Rico - IND (WJPX2) 7
Puerto Rico - IND (WKAQD) 3
Puerto Rico - IND (WORO) 13
Puerto Rico - IND (WSTE) 12
Puerto Rico - IND (WVXF) 10
Puerto Rico - MDFOX (WJPX) 5
Puerto Rico - NBC (WKAQ3) 14
Puerto Rico - PBS (WMTJ) 40
Puerto Rico - TELEMUNDO (WKAQ) 2
Puerto Rico - UNVSN (WLII) 11
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*Local channels for non-qualifying packages are $6.00 per month. Call 888-958-1231 for additional details.

** With qualifying package. Call 888-958-1231 for additional details.

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